Sunday, August 18, 2013

"Lemon tree very pretty, and the lemon flower is sweet"

Remember this song from the 60's?   

Yes...these are lemons...looking forward to a small harvest this year!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A few of my favorite things

A picture of a full Christmas tree just doesn't do justice to those ornaments that make up the whole, so I wanted to share a few of my favorites from my 2012 nature-themed tree.

Well...not an ornament but a favorite bloom from one of Mother's Christmas cacti; this year we finally enjoyed these blooms. H. built frames to cover the screens on our porch, creating a greenhouse effect.  Great decision!  Frames can easily be taken down and replaced.

The original cabin...humble beginnings!

A "first" for our nature ornament collection...Thank you Susan for this elegant peacock!

 Cute Cute Cute!  Thank you Lynda!

Though not found on the tree, it was not unusual to find him under the tree!

 What's a Christmas tree without a buzzard???

Don't fall out...

 I am back  My last post was 6 months ago and during that time, I have collected a few pics to share.  So, thanks for your patience, and I hope you haven't given up on me!

Butterfly seed head...these are especially awesome when they dry, thus turning bronze.  I was lucky to have 3 of these last year....hopefully more this year. 

One of the last blooms on my dwarf fairy duster before the first frost. Really cute flowers which bloom prolifically.

Loving my reblooming hydrangeas...these were blooms from late fall.  They must love this soil because once I got them out of their pots and into this acid soil, they really perked up.   Received 2 more from my niece Kendra for Christmas so they will be planted soon.  Stay tuned for their progress! 

Another cluster of blooms prior to the frost.

Wanted to catch a shot of my Japanese maple before all the leaves dropped...loving those gorgeous colors.  From what I have read, these maples prefer shaded areas, but this is one variety that will tolerate bright sun for short periods of time.  It has survived 2 summers of drought, so  it's proving to be quite durable.

Red plumbago

So....this concludes a little pre-frost tour.   Stay tuned.............

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The latest critters...

I just couldn't resist this picture....sorry it's not clearer, but I was shooting through both the glass door and the screen porch.  Such a sweet pic.   We've had about 4 or 5 fawns this summer; they all seem to enjoy our "estate" and apparently feel comfortable enough to lounge around.

Here are a few more shots...


This little guy/girl (a tree frog) was hanging out on our living room door the other night...couldn't resist a few pics of him too...!


The Great Bee Count was today...Couldn't believe my eyes when (without even thinking about the count) I spotted 4 bumble bees on my zinnias this morning. 

Blurred once again, but no's a bumble bee!  So glad to see these garden helpers!

Hope you're having a great day!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Velma is will miss her sooooooooo much.

 You see....Velma is 78 years young....with 50+ years of nursing under her belt.   She has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share, coupled with a big dose of diplomacy.   We have laughed and cried over the past 3 years...we've tried to keep each other in line.  It helps to bring her doughnut holes!  :)   She works three (and sometimes to her chagrin 4) days a week with the local physician, who has been said to have delivered half of this small town.  Granted she has not worked with him ALL that time, but she has dedicated herself to being a gatekeeper great nurse and liasion between physician and patient.   Velma is dependable and a woman of her word.

 For the rest of each week, she is my right hand nurse.   Friday afternoon I and D's (incision and drainage procedures) are our forte...we've got it down!  Betadine...check; gauze...check; lidocaine (would you like it with or without)....check; scalpel...check;...CTAs....check....on and on.  Of course, we would rather do them anytime other than a Friday afternoon, but sometimes that's just the luck of the draw.  She's the reassuring nurse to a frightened patient; she's the calmness in chaotic times and she's always in charge.  Velma always has a smile....but if you cross her up, it's best to just keep on walking....especially if the conversation begins with or contains..."I SAID" (with a big emphasis on SAID)!  We've shared Subway tuna sandwiches, corn dogs, fried chicken strip salads, chicken spaghetti and DQ Hawaiian blizzards (no bananas please).   And never ask her to eat the lettuce...."you know...they never wash that lettuce"!

Velma will be retiring to her front porch, drinking peach tea with her honey of who knows how many years, watching the bluebirds, wrens, cardinals, doves, hummers and whatever else flies through.  She'll now be able to keep up with the newest batch of baby squirrels and enjoy their crazy antics.   I will miss our conversations about birds, critters, families, recipes, plants, catching up on Glenda and Butch, hearing the latest about grandchildren LeeAnn, Keri, Jason, Daniel, great grandson Camden and especially about her soul mate,Glen and what he cooked for supper last night!

Velma....I wish you many bright and glorious days to enjoy with your family and friends.   I will always value our friendship and working's been a "great ride"!   Thank you!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vine-ripened today....Salsa tomorrow!

We're moving quickly on this....

Because tonight I discovered this...

Fish Tales

Over Memorial Day weekend, we had special visitors....long-time neighbors, Kevin and Sue...(think about 23 years long-time) and s-i-l Irene.  Fishing was the order of the day and evening.

A nice basket of 16" fat white fun to catch!

Told you they were big!

Daytime fishing was not all that great...until Kevin caught this:

  What you don't know is that one end was capped....NOT GOOD.  There was a total of 7 tired stressed catfish caught inside...Four thwumped (??) out pretty quickly.   Once the cap on the other end was removed, here came 3 more.   PLEASE do not report us to PETA!

SAD....they received a proper burial.

But now....Harvey has a great idea for a new fish habitat....just make sure both ends are open.